Experience, space, and place are the lenses through which I create my artwork. My drawings, paintings and assemblages are inspired by the beauty of the architecture and inside spaces I see walking through neighborhoods, some I have explored briefly on trips and the rest I walk everyday and photograph. I am expressing what happens with my filter, from eye to hand, in which it formulates into a post modern folk art style. These works are more than just buildings or cityscapes; they are symbols of my gratitude, appreciation and moments of connection in time and place.

Recently I have had a transition in my work in which I want to explore the internal spaces.
These new spaces I realize are symbolic galaxies portraying my mental journeys as well as seeing more electrically expressed into abstract prisms.

I was born in the Hudson Valley, in the city of Newburgh, raised in New Windsor, New York, now reside in Park Slope, Brooklyn.







Blue door, Cusco, Peru 2009
Private Collection